We are Mozza Angels.
Europe's first product-led angel syndicate.

Product Angels growing startups

Empowering Founders, Elevating Products.

We understand the vital role of product excellence in the success of startups.

But it's harder to build something great when product culture is lagging behind.

So we provide founders with the mindset and expertise they need to unlock the full potential of their product vision.

Who we are

We are not your average investor. Mozza Angels is composed of a group of exceptional product operators with diverse backgrounds.

We have shaped some of the biggest startup success stories of the last decade like Qonto, Pinterest, Doctolib, Alan, Payfit and Blablacar - to name a few.

What we bring

With our extensive network, product expertise, and collective wisdom, we offer unparalleled support to early-stage startups and scale-ups.

From product development to go-to-market strategies, access to invaluable insights and proven methodologies, we are here to guide you to product-market fit and scaling your product organization.

Who we invest in

We invest in early-stage companies with high growth potential and a hunger for building remarkable products.

We are particularly interested in supporting founders committed to driving innovation and passionate about creating a lasting impact.

Antoine Sakho
Busuu, Mozza Angels

Co-founder of Mozza Angels, leading the syndicate of angels through sourcing deal flow, curating deals and closing them. Previously Head of Product at Busuu, scaled it to a >$400M exit. 15+ investments, alongside top-tier VCs (Kleiner Perkins, Index Ventures, Google's Gradient Fund).

Adrien Montcoudiol

Entrepreneur, CEO of Mozza, co-founder of Mozza Angels. Passionate about product, community building and angel investing.

Eveline Moczko
Rocket Internet, Blinkist

Product Leader and Growth Expert with more than 10 years experience in the Berlin startup scene and passion for technology. Helped build global success stories at Blinkist, Foodora, Foodpanda and more.

Benjamin Lauzier
Reforge, Lyft, Thumbtack

Currently Executive in Residence at Reforge. Previously Head of Product at Lyft and VP Product at Thumbtack.

John Vars
Mixhalon, Qonto, Varo Money, TaskRabbit

US-based startup executive, founder, product leader, investor, parent, etc. Former CPO @ TaskRabbit, CPO @ Qonto, CPO @ Varo Money. Currently CEO at Mixhalo.

Sarah Setti
October, Wynd

Product Leader at several international scale ups, including Wynd (HoP) and October (CPO). Expert in fintech and supply chain management. Member of the Board of Advisors at Pianity and one of the founding members of Comète, a business club for women leaders.

Aurélien Georget

Entrepreneur, co-founder & CPO at Strapi (+$50M raised so far). Former software engineer. I spent the last 10 years building a 100% remote team building an open-source CMS to revolutionize content management at scale.

Jordane Giuly
Defacto, Spendesk

Cofounder and CEO at Defacto. Ex cofounder & CPO at Spendesk. I accidentally fall in the rabbit hole of fintechs...

Vincent Nallatamby
Tempow, Google

Entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Tempow acquired by Google in 2021. Product leader at Google (Android) and angel investor in 10+ startups across EU/US, with a focus on tech-heavy projects

Marianne Medioni
Qonto, Younited

Previously Product Manager at Younited, then Sr Product Manager at Qonto helping scale the company through internationalisation and new product launches. Currently freelancing as a product strategist and coach.

Remi Bardoux
Kapten, Seloger, FrenchCPO

Former CPO at Kapten ( aka Chauffeur Privé) scaling it from 30 to 450+ employees (exit to Daimler), then CPO at SeLoger. Currently advising startups on product. Also, founder of FrenchCPO's Slack group, gathering more than 200 CPOs.

Nicolas Breuil
Koto, Shares, Stuart

Full-stack marketer. Previously Global Marketing, Brand & Communications Director at Stuart (acquired). Former CMO at Shares. Interim CMO at Roundtable and Mozza. Currently Marketing & Business Development Director at Koto.

Grégoire Charles

Product manager, UX designer and NoCode buider with 10+ years experience in building products from scratch. I've helped create and launch 15+ startups over the last 3 years.

Elodie Lachoua
Ornikar, Kapten

With a background in companies like Ornikar, Mozza, and Airbnb, I can bring valuable expertise in the startup ecosystem.

William Pambrun

Entrepreneur. Co-founder and ex-CPO of Inato. I'm investing & advising tech companies on product, AI and healthcare.

Jean-Baptiste Eudeline
Qonto, Contentsquare

Product designer focused on building innovative and elegant experiences. Previously Product Designer at Contentsquare and Qonto. Currently freelancing and helping entrepreneurs craft engaging user experiences.

Daniel Huertas
Kard, Cajoo, Heetch, Amazon

Skilled in MVP design and driving product initiatives, I seamlessly collaborate across teams.

Ilya Blokh
Blinkist, WeatherPromise

Led the product team at Blinkist, advised over 20+ startups on product and now heading the product team at WeatherPromise.

Ulysse Sabbagh

Founder of Organic Social Software, ex-Head of Product at ulysse.com, angel investor. Passionate about cooking and travel.

Alexandre Pidault
Vybe, Cafeyn

I’m a Product guy (Vybe, Cafeyn, IVALUA, Sfeir) with a passion for Product Design, code, marketing and data. Over the years, I’ve created impactful design solutions for a variety of industries (SaaS, Content BtC, fintech) by making products usables, aesthetics and enjoyable to use daily by thousands clients.


We invest alongside top-tier VCs.

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Portfolio Companies

Green Got

Green Got is a sustainable neo-bank driving the ecological transition and offering green checking and saving accounts.


Yello.xyz is a venture founded by 3 Meta product veterans, exploring opportunities behind LLMs


A game-changer in how you find, choose, and buy your next home, started by ex-Deliveroo and ex-Wise veterans.


Homaio provides individual investors with access to unique financial assets designed for returns and real impact.


Oména is working on a digital handbook to assist women as they transition through menopause.


Rountable is a community-led investment platform. Think European AngelList with boosted social features.


Leeway is a phenomenal, innovative and easy-to-use tool to manage contracts with very powerful features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mozza Angels?

Mozza Angels is Europe's first product-led syndicate started by the product studio Mozza. It brings together top product operators to prioritize product excellence within emerging startups and support their growth.

Why is Mozza Angels a unique investment opportunity for European product operators?

Mozza Angels offers exclusive deal flow and access to highly competitive investment opportunities through our extensive network of client companies, partner VCs, and Mozza team members. Joining us gives product operators an unfair advantage in angel investing.

How can I join Mozza Angels?

If you are a product operator looking to angel invest and want to benefit from exceptional deal flow, evaluation expertise, and capital efficiency, get in touch with us. We recommend reaching out through a recommendation from someone we trust to open the doors to our group.

How does Mozza Angels evaluate investments?

With our experience as early employees of unicorn startups, we possess the skills to evaluate founding teams and their products. Through group due diligence and discussions, we make better investment decisions using collective wisdom.

How does Mozza Angels ensure capital efficiency?

By pooling commitments from members, we invest as a single entity on a startup's cap table, allowing for smaller individual checks. This capital-efficient approach enables participation in a diverse portfolio of startups.

You are a founder with a bold product vision and a deep passion for building exceptional user experiences.

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