A new way to build and scale great products.

The brightest Product Folks

Why Mozza

Building an engaging product is hard. It requires a strong vision, industry knowledge, stellar execution, good timing and a pinch of luck. But above all, the best talents onboard.

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Community-led Product Studio

What makes us different

At Mozza, we give your team superpowers, bringing the brightest Product folks under one roof and by your side.

The agency model is broken: you won't find the best operators working there. That's why we've built a new kind of Product studio, one that is community-led .

Meet the team

Ragazzi, Ragazza

Say hello to our product wizards ✨

Jean-Baptiste Eudeline
Product designer

ex Product designer at Qonto, Contentsquare

Made magic happen for:

Pennylane, JellySmack, Snowball

Bastien Marconi
Product strategist

ex Head of Product at SeLoger

Made magic happen for:

Pennylance, Frey, Finnt

Marianne Medioni
Product strategist

ex Senior PM at Qonto, PM at Younited

Made magic happen for:

Ornikar, Apiday, Frey

Lucien Landanger
Product designer

ex Product Designer at Alan

Made magic happen for:

Pimster, Carbonfact, MagicPlan

Bettina D’Avila
Product designer

ex Design Manager at Doctolib, AB Tasty

Made magic happen for:

Lettria, Driveco, Dekuple

William Pambrun
Product strategist

ex Cofounder and CPO at Inato

Made magic happen for:

Seyna, Lettria, Tenyks

Julien Bleton
Product strategist

ex Head of Product at Finary, MemoBank, Trainline

Made magic happen for:

Snowball, Just, Superfans

Timothé Genreau
Product strategist

ex Product Manager at Lydia

Made magic happen for:

Remembr, Click&Boat, Spyne

Marta Ponzone
Product strategist

ex Lead Product Manager at Fleet

Made magic happen for:

Driveco, Califrais, Artpoint

Coralie Sabin
Product designer

ex Product Designer at Pinterest

Made magic happen for:

Seyna, Ornikar, Jeen

David Perrod
Product designer

ex Lead Designer at Cheerz

Made magic happen for:

Alma, Frey, Superfans

Thomas Dimajo
Brand designer

ex Brand designer at Muxu.Muxu

Made magic happen for:

Brigad, Carbonfact, Tenyks

Our secret sauce

How we operate

Our talent pool consists of a community of senior and highly committed product people. They all played a significant role in the early days of spectacular tech successes.

We've created a built-in framework to amplify the impact of our teams on each project. It lies on 3 core principles:

Tailored partnership

We don't believe in one predefined method. Rather, going through each partner's mission and tailoring the best path to it.

One dedicated team

Consider us as full members of your team. From day 1, we work hand-in-hand to reach the expected outcomes together.

Empowering collaboration

We are one team. Hence, all methods, templates and toolboxes used along the way are shared with you and re-usable.

We have refined our methodologies, playbooks and processes by working with over 100 clients since 2018.

How we work

We peaked your curiosity?

Here's what a typical journey with
Mozza looks like:


We can't improve what we don't understand. Hence, every project starts with a crucial immersion phase to understand our client mission and align around key objectives.


User research is of paramount importance. It helps understand your target audience, recognize their needs, goals, and mental models. By running experiments, we can prove or disprove hypotheses.


Building successful products is not a fluke; it's the result of meticulous strategy. Leveraging the insights drawn from user research, we outline a clear, actionable plan for product development.

Product Design

This is where ideas come to life. In this phase, we breathe life into the strategy, transforming concepts into tangible prototypes. We design with an intent to offer an intuitive, captivating user experience. It's not just about how it looks, but how it works and feels to the end user, creating a product that people love.


Achieving excellence is a continuous journey, not a single step. By constantly refining and improving, based on user feedback and performance data, the product continues to evolve.